Incredible Biggest Wind Turbine Farm Installation Technology. Amazing Giant Factory Machines Working

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Incredible Biggest Wind Turbine Farm Installation Technology. Amazing Giant Factory Machines Working.
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Supergato Chupacabras
Supergato Chupacabras День назад
This is B.S., and of course is no't to produce electric energy for houses, actually is part of D.A.R.P.A. Net, just to control The Whether, now The New World Order can control everthing: rain, snow, wind, earthqueits, Hig Waves Oceans, Huracans, etc. Etc.
Hugo Dias
Hugo Dias День назад
Vestas V100 V110 😍
David Gordon
David Gordon 2 дня назад
It all seems so energy efficient when you realize EACH of these things HAS TO BE TORN DOWN AND REBUILT EVERY TEN YEARS! I HIGHLY doubt these things produce enough energy over their ten year span to replace ALL the fossil fuel needed to mine the ore, smelt the ore, form the metal parts, form the unrecyclable fiberglass parts, ship all the parts, erect and assemble all the parts, maintain the entire structure regularly, and then dismantle the whole thing after ten years.
HOSANNA JayaKumar 5 дней назад
박희삼 6 дней назад
.전기생상량보다유지비만엄청만이들어가는 풍력이란미묘아래실속없는 괴물풍력발전이지요
A verdade Dói?
A verdade Dói? 6 дней назад
It ain't worth. We're still destroying Nature...😔😔😔😔💔💔💔
Adilson A.G.M
Adilson A.G.M 7 дней назад
Vanderlando Barros Sotero
Vanderlando Barros Sotero 10 дней назад
Show 👏👏👏 em Marcolândia divisa do estado do Piauí com Pernambuco tem dezenas delas
Bagus Tv
Bagus Tv 12 дней назад
Wayne the barber
Wayne the barber 12 дней назад
And they won't let me put ham radio antenna in my back yard...
cadd quez
cadd quez 12 дней назад
Another giant waste of money bird Death machine!
жизнь в деревне как есть
жизнь в деревне как есть 13 дней назад
Братья и сестры подписайте на мой канал.
Leonardo Garcia
Leonardo Garcia 13 дней назад
How big is the Carbon footprint to build this monstrous government's crony apparatus?
Saming Toomsai
Saming Toomsai 13 дней назад
Bouboul Lcd
Bouboul Lcd 13 дней назад
La plus grande arnaque du 21 EME siècle avec le coronacircus
Miguel Fraticelli
Miguel Fraticelli 14 дней назад
Buen video, mala música
View Prime Global
View Prime Global 14 дней назад
Wonderful & great
Angel Georges
Angel Georges 14 дней назад
Quand on voit ça, on se dit Mon Dieu que l homme peut être a ce point aussi CON !!!
장고추 14 дней назад
개쓰레기임 저거 설치하면 주변에 사람도 못산다
Encourassado bismark . Com . Br Posseidom
Encourassado bismark . Com . Br Posseidom 15 дней назад
Muito bom mesmo o trabalho só quem é profissional da área entendi a perfeição e a capacidade dos profissionais! 👏👏👏👏
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 15 дней назад
akthar momi
akthar momi 15 дней назад
How many power generation in one hour or 24 hours ???
Tsanko Tsankov
Tsanko Tsankov 15 дней назад
Hugh Marcus
Hugh Marcus 12 дней назад
Not true. Wind technology in Europe means it’s among the cheapest form of energy now. Most of the offshore wind farms aren’t even subsidised now. If you want to see really expensive electricity look at nuclear. It’s eye watering
Oriadi Yatim
Oriadi Yatim 15 дней назад
Masya Allah. Unbelievable. Its great.
Fishing With "Oh Dad!"
Fishing With "Oh Dad!" 15 дней назад
Tearing up the land is environmentally friendly??? Don't think so!
Antonio Carlos Nascimento
Antonio Carlos Nascimento 15 дней назад
Parabéns a todos envolvidos lindo trabalho em equipe.
David Oubre
David Oubre 15 дней назад
Fossil fuels used to make, transport, support and then remove once life cycle is over or it fails. So fossil fuel is not going away. We will have to rely on all forms of energy.
Fast Eddie
Fast Eddie 15 дней назад
In Delaware , New Jersey’s and Maryland are fighting the skipjack wind farm. They want to install turbines 125 ft taller than the sears building 365 ‘ long blades. Studies were done from North Carolina to Martha’s Vineyard all show a negative impact on migration of birds change shipping channels, and destroy our wetlands with transformers and grid work. The tourism industry would lose millions and our electric will go up 400 percent. . They also need back up power. That’s a lot of money for a temporary solution, their life span is short in ocean environment. Also no jobs for Americans all offshore companys
Joe Bite Me
Joe Bite Me 15 дней назад
Wind power is fine until there's no wind or a ice storm freezes them solid! Coal and natural gas are the best energy sources for reliable energy! Look at Texas. Green energy isn't working to well for them!!
niels lund
niels lund 14 дней назад
Unlike turbins in Texas, Windturbins are prepared to work in cold weather just ask Canadians, Norwegians, Swedes and Finns. Sigh, if the gas power plants, which normally supply 60% of the electricity, are not prepared for cold, they will stop, which half of them have done, and when the state does not want to be part of the common power network, you can not get electricity from other states.
Eyobe Ido
Eyobe Ido 15 дней назад
We'll see until the next big weather 😂
Tyler Hunt
Tyler Hunt 15 дней назад
Huge !
Batul Star
Batul Star 15 дней назад
من الممكن المنزلقة الاخيرة او الجزء الاخير يتركب اولا على الارض ثم يركب بالرافعة لاحقا لتسريع العمل
Helmi Khairul
Helmi Khairul 15 дней назад
Keren banget,,,👍
eraldo toledo
eraldo toledo 16 дней назад
K 10
templier croisades
templier croisades 16 дней назад
La plus grande anarque du siècle
maria rosa
maria rosa 16 дней назад
Diversificar para mi gusto es prevenir
ELETRONICA NOVA DIMESÃO Sidney silva 16 дней назад
Millewell Sam
Millewell Sam 16 дней назад
Wasting tax payers money through f..cking government subsidies! Does it give energy solution for state? What is the construction and maintenance cost compared to its energy output or its end product? What is the use of it especially when Europe and Texas are chilled in ass freezing temperature? and its maintenance has run even higher... ☃️💨❄️
Мазда Титан
Мазда Титан 16 дней назад
У нас в деревне тоже такие есть!
Antonio Veras
Antonio Veras 16 дней назад
Fantástico. Grande obra da engenharia.
Salvador Martínez
Salvador Martínez 16 дней назад
Instalando basura inútil. Al menos es reciclable.
Tom Verderber
Tom Verderber 16 дней назад
But what happens when it freezes up like in Texas?????
Aaron Schooley
Aaron Schooley 15 дней назад
You elect competent leaders who winterize them like the other states in the country which use them in colder climates.
JE ESTAÑO TV 16 дней назад
ahmad nawaz
ahmad nawaz 16 дней назад
V.nice amazing, unbelievable technologies. Creation & jobs by wise people. Interesting its great...fabulous.
Célio Xavier
Célio Xavier 16 дней назад
Ya'kov James
Ya'kov James 17 дней назад
jeff close
jeff close 17 дней назад
Wind isn’t the answer. Do you research and you will see many liberal groups agree. Wind and solar just don’t work in most areas. They agree new technology is needed. China and US are in a race to find it. Who ever does is the new super power.
Gustavo Ricardo Andreoli
Gustavo Ricardo Andreoli 17 дней назад
Excelente video del proceso de fabricación e instalación del generador eólico
Rattlecan Restorations
Rattlecan Restorations 17 дней назад
it's only wonderful until the weather freezes them and then they don't work and then they have power outages like Texas did I say it green energy isn't 100% light reliable. Natural gas reliable Coal reliable gasoline reliable electricity not so much as California about their rolling blackouts because they shut her their natural gas power plants
Kapalek84 17 дней назад
Great engineering project! Investment and development in the economy! These blades can be recycled somehow, its just a matter of time when a recycling process will be economical too.
David Gordon
David Gordon 2 дня назад
@Bob Harms I heard it was more like 10 years...
Bob Harms
Bob Harms 13 дней назад
Yeah in 25 years refurbish, replace and update upgrade....if their feasibly is proven, but to be honest...Germany is reactivating their nuclear facilities because of the Windmere North sea a means of stable resource wind is unreliable as too powerful or not strong enough. There are limitations and maintenance is an awesome constant in the winter in the arctic and Antarctic when the sun shines... Check to see if someone came up with the money to run cables for the power generated by the Windmere project in Germany's is quite the cover for billions of wasted Euros and dollars...I didnt know that? Oh that's ok then...who cares the government is that isn't ignorance that is idiocracy, whatever
Goo Goo Baby
Goo Goo Baby 17 дней назад
Rod Busters
Michelle Maarques
Michelle Maarques 17 дней назад
É muito legal ver eles de perto 🤗
Greg Godo
Greg Godo 17 дней назад
Great workers great problem is when it gets iced up they should put electric heating blankets on them so they still work whoops maybe no wind. Add big fans to spin the blades then blame the fans 4 killing the birds. Just a thought.
The Truth
The Truth 17 дней назад
Wait I thought there were ONLY oil industry jobs???
Romario Babosa de Sousa
Romario Babosa de Sousa 17 дней назад
Серик Утеджанов
Серик Утеджанов 17 дней назад
Trong Tran
Trong Tran 17 дней назад
Incredible goods
Cuộc Sống Miền Quê
Cuộc Sống Miền Quê 17 дней назад
Quá tuyệt vời những cổ máy làm việc thật hiệu quả
Anne Donnellan
Anne Donnellan 18 дней назад
hirribke ugly unnatural
Charles C
Charles C 18 дней назад
And when they freeze up in ice storms they do nothing. When we blades ware out they go into a landfill because they aren't recyclable.
niels lund
niels lund 14 дней назад
Unlike those in Texas, these are prepared to work in cold weather just ask Canadians, Norwegians, Swedes and Finns.
Joey 18 дней назад
ALL GARBAGE, USELESS AND A WASTE OF MONEY, when Texas needed the windmills most, they all froze and guess what... NO EFFING POWER, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA.
Mandy Neilon
Mandy Neilon 18 дней назад
Maybe as a follow-on you could post a video of what happens to the turbine when its life span runs out . Those blades are buried in big mass grave yards and left to rot into our earth 🌍
Mandy Neilon
Mandy Neilon 13 дней назад
@Aaron Schooley Obviously there is no Eco friendly way to create electricity...but please let's at least just be honest and not try to fool people into thinking that wind turbines are any more friendly than fuel plants
Fast Eddie
Fast Eddie 15 дней назад
@Aaron Schooley tidal generation no dams needed
Aaron Schooley
Aaron Schooley 15 дней назад
How do you want to produce electricity?
Mandy Neilon
Mandy Neilon 15 дней назад
@Fast Eddie Exactly
Mandy Neilon
Mandy Neilon 15 дней назад
@Ray Bin Look it up .. You'll find the blades are cut up and put in the ground as there is no way to recycle them
XARNOU BII TV 18 дней назад
Combien de temps il a duré
Preet S
Preet S 18 дней назад
How much money spent on this project?
Preet S
Preet S 18 дней назад
Where is thumbnail video?
N Ma
N Ma 18 дней назад
بعدين يجيك واحد غبي يكولك كفرا .. ياريت لو بلدي كلو كفرا
Канат О. С.
Канат О. С. 18 дней назад
Эх нашему Чиновники отдать этот проект полностью прасреть потом годами будет стоять ☝️
рамис 17 дней назад
Червяков жалко!!
Jean Martox
Jean Martox 18 дней назад
Mais quelle horreur ! On voit un magnifique Village et après cette grosse merde blanche!!
Jean Martox
Jean Martox 18 дней назад
Elle est où l'écologie avec les tiennes de bétons de ferrailles etc etc ! Une escroquerie les éoliennes !
Amgad Alzanaty
Amgad Alzanaty 18 дней назад
What is the nominated power of each wind turbine unit?
Gopalakrishnan Kolathu
Gopalakrishnan Kolathu 18 дней назад
You’ve carefully omitted to show the most crucial parts of each stage, which is the aligning and actual joining of the new section with the already erected system. Not interesting,
Михалыч 48
Михалыч 48 18 дней назад
Carlos roberto
Carlos roberto 18 дней назад
Silvio jose Oliveira
Silvio jose Oliveira 17 дней назад
Ei creio em nome de JESUS CRISTO
Rafa González
Rafa González 19 дней назад
Cómo no van a tener si se lo roban al pueblo para hacer y luego le roban para mantenerlos para el pueblo nada es barato fácil ni gratis todo nos cuesta y a los empresarios no a todos pero la mayoría solo les cuesta robar
Nilton LRN
Nilton LRN 19 дней назад
Essa galera da energia eólica vão ficar chateadoes kkkkkkk
Flavio Gouvea Madeira
Flavio Gouvea Madeira 19 дней назад
Meu sonho é trabalhar numa obra dessas!!!
Канат Окасов
Канат Окасов 15 дней назад
Нам тоже надо Вко Курчум, Теректибулак
Rafael Bustamante
Rafael Bustamante 19 дней назад
These generadors are bieng freeze in Texas, is just waste of money, the global warming caused by men is a myth...
Manuel Blanco
Manuel Blanco 19 дней назад
El Roxu se gastó un pastón en esa grúa, pero le ha sacado buenos beneficios.
Manuel Blanco
Manuel Blanco 17 дней назад
@Grupoenasa anda que no le ha sacado lazca, a esa grúa, me acuerdo cuando la trajo
Grupoenasa 17 дней назад
Que fae el Roxu per esos lares? Creo que ye la grua autoportante mas grande de europa.
덕항산다람쥐 19 дней назад
Jean-Marie de Thier
Jean-Marie de Thier 19 дней назад
C'est de la folie !
peterlution 19 дней назад
Great video! Just wonder how much CO2 is generated for this "carbon free" energy?
James Brock
James Brock 6 дней назад
What I wonder is twin or all these green energy people going to realize that Earth it's already past the Tipping Point and there's nothing you can do about global warming and carbon emissions volcanoes just the ones that have been erupting since 1980 1980 have put out more carbon emissions 99% of the carbon emissions then human population has caused in the past 2000 years because every time the temperature goes up and Ice Cube start milking their CO2 trapped in the ice does carbon emissions trapped in the ice from volcanoes erupting thousands of years ago and algae from the ocean produces carbon emissions what can you do about that nothing can't do nothing about the volcanoes you can't do nothing about the carbon emissions from algae all ice will melt just like it's done thousands of times and then all the water will go like a dragster will to the center around the equator and the Earth will Spin and because the extra weight it was been faster and the water will evaporate because it's right at the hottest point on the planet the equator and then it goes into the atmosphere and then an ice age will begin shortly after that because it will start snowing creating new glaciers there's nothing you can do about global warming it's going to happen this happened thousands and thousands of times and then there's an Ice Age after all the ice melts another Ice Age starts so there's nothing you can do about global warming the waste of time and all it does is cause blackouts States I'd rather have the power the nuclear generator or natural gas powered generator because it's going to be there when it's cloudy and raining and it's going to be there when there's no wind and no sun cuz you can't build enough batteries there's enough not enough of a lead or nickel or cadmium are lithium on the planet to build batteries to store the power from Green energy and to replace a one square mile gas powered turbine power plant you would need the 10 square mile solar farm and the solar Farms in the middle of the temperatures reach a thousand degrees birds or fly over burst into flames so how much is that raising the temperature of the planet
Dan Mechling
Dan Mechling 13 дней назад
Bet aoc can blow harder and generate more energy then those wind mills.
niels lund
niels lund 14 дней назад
@MikeyE. Thumb rule in Denmark somewhere between 9 and 12 months' production corresponds to their CO2 footprint, the larger the shorter the time.
wiskifrac 15 дней назад
This issue are definitely addressed during design process of these wind turbines. A gain in avoided CO2 can be precisely calculated.
MikeyE. 15 дней назад
@Ray Bin they problem is they don’t even last long enough to create the energy output to make up for the cost of these windmills before they need to be rebuilt. Have you read how they dispose of these machines? Also do you know how many precious metals it takes to build the components of theses massive mills... a lot and there precious metals for a reason. I really think that the trade off between the two forms of energy is very minimal when you break down all the pros and cons. Global warming is not a threat and is a reason to lobby for money to waste on nothing. Look at what it would do to these beautiful scenic views all over the world you just see wind mills everywhere? At least here in America we don’t need to be wasting money and killing jobs already in place for “future”jobs that might never come.
Олег бчб
Олег бчб 19 дней назад
Maciek Szczepaniak
Maciek Szczepaniak 19 дней назад
Kevin Hwang
Kevin Hwang 20 дней назад
베리 굳
Prozac20RXmg 20 дней назад
Damn what a immature background music.
Chris Moyler
Chris Moyler 20 дней назад
How long will this turbine last, most especially the blades?? Tky
Yong JJ
Yong JJ 21 день назад
In Sourh Korea. Some politicians of the opposite party claim that the nuclear power will overtake the sun and wind power. They are called as the kwakssangdo-league
Rodrigo Lindemberg
Rodrigo Lindemberg 21 день назад
Magnífico. É de tirar o fôlego!
A soul for sale or rent
A soul for sale or rent 21 день назад
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Yahia Hassan
Yahia Hassan 21 день назад
roberto garcia
roberto garcia 22 дня назад
El KKs dice que son ventiladores. 😁
Mesori Jluis
Mesori Jluis 23 дня назад
Son mejor que los de IBERDROLA...
Hank Pikuni
Hank Pikuni Месяц назад
4:28 RIP
최영복 Месяц назад
풍력 발전기 설치하려면 비용도 엄청나겠는데 그 비용을 어느세월에 빼냐
Antonio Serrano
Antonio Serrano Месяц назад
It's in Spain.
peterlution 19 дней назад
Workers don't look like Spanish.
남나야나 Месяц назад
어느나라 공사인가요.
Frank Pourcel
Frank Pourcel Месяц назад
Que interesante!
ichiro kage
ichiro kage Месяц назад
150メートルの巨大な風車を日本の急峻な山の上(集落のすぐ近く)に設置すると、土砂崩れ、低周波、騒音、シャドウフリッカーにより、人や動物の命が脅かされる。 日本に設置するのは、小規模な水力発電などが良いと思われる。 台風が多い、平地が少ない、情報を総合して吟味すると、大規模風力発電は日本に向いていないことがわかる。
Bernd Keschner
Bernd Keschner Месяц назад
Huge one!
O G 2 месяца назад
Incredible now that light post will have electricity for the day
O G 10 дней назад
@Crazy Music Awan I'm sorry I don't speak japanese
Crazy Music Awan
Crazy Music Awan 13 дней назад
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