Mohammad bazzi
Mohammad bazzi 2 часа назад
Good job.
RAVI KIRAN reddy 2 часа назад
Thank you
William DETERS
William DETERS 3 часа назад
Biggest scam put out.Wind turbines only last 10 to 15 years then they are left to rot the blades aren't recyclable and wear down fast ,Solar works when the sun shines but fail in snow,they also breakdown just like everything else
Jonny Danger
Jonny Danger 3 часа назад
Where they secretly bury the bodies
Willem Bos
Willem Bos 3 часа назад
istvan antal
istvan antal 4 часа назад
What a colossal waste of effort and resources.
Paul Deahl
Paul Deahl 4 часа назад
With a 20 year life, what happens to all the windmills? Their blades are not biodegradable.
Ravi Hm
Ravi Hm 5 часов назад
Come to india and what is incrdible u can See.
J C 5 часов назад
Is amazing
ser u
ser u 5 часов назад
Dennis Korn
Dennis Korn 5 часов назад
Amazing... But what a joke turbines are.
Richard Temby
Richard Temby 7 часов назад
And all that is Environmentally Friendly? Give me a break.
Rocket Man
Rocket Man 7 часов назад
RIP to all birds these wind turbines kill a year but dont worry your not supposed to actually know that😏🤦‍♂️
Elamson Kalakmabin
Elamson Kalakmabin 9 часов назад
Luar biasah negarah maju pu carah juga
Maurice Banen
Maurice Banen 9 часов назад
A lot of People don't know what's possible with a cnc machine. Almost anything you can make with it.
고로짱 9 часов назад
쿠루즈 선 중국 인해전술로 만들어야 제격
Dumitru Enceanu
Dumitru Enceanu 11 часов назад
Investiții scumpe și cu randament scăzut în final ,și cheltuieli de întreținere și reparații f f mari . Alegeți varianta. TURBINEI ENERGETICE UNIVERSALE " ATLAS " Singura soluție pt salvarea planetei .
k디나 12 часов назад
손톱 개극혐
IJAHPORN 365 12 часов назад
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ไทยทีวียู Thai.TV.You.
ไทยทีวียู Thai.TV.You. 13 часов назад
Yes! I like this video.
raju ratti
raju ratti 13 часов назад
Hi sir there is any jobs pls inform me sir? I'm Indian..
BahGame HE
BahGame HE 16 часов назад
cover of false illustration, I will report ... losers
chidy Auliya 2002
chidy Auliya 2002 16 часов назад
Aku mau beli m4 a 1
Cảnh Trung Dung
Cảnh Trung Dung 18 часов назад
Great ! You are smart !!!
An Tahsi
An Tahsi 19 часов назад
isang mahusay na proyekto
jesús luría
jesús luría 21 час назад
Que se corte parejo las uñas el wey. Se le olvidó la del dedo chiquito.
Barry Varga
Barry Varga 22 часа назад
And this is for the good of the environment what a joke
Roy Schmidt
Roy Schmidt 22 часа назад
A waste of resources and land. Use solar.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith 22 часа назад
In what world does all this work and money invested worth the outcome? I couldn't imagine ever doing this. Not to mention ALL the products used where created by oil industry, Mining etc. IF one does this to "save" the environment I would say this is not the way.
Gilles de Brouwer
Gilles de Brouwer 23 часа назад
Clean high skilled high paying jobs makes this a win win!
Alberto Cortés
Alberto Cortés День назад
Tecnología de punta
rudedog34 День назад
Get rid of these worthless eye sores.
Walter Nogueira
Walter Nogueira День назад
Felipe Farias
Felipe Farias День назад
Fico pensando:Como seria o trabalho sem essas máquinas? Uma Grande obra levaria o triplo do tempo ou mais para ser finalizada.
16 iwa
16 iwa День назад
CNCは見ていてキモチイイ♪ 汎用旋盤の心出しミスって突っ切りバイトの刃折ったのはいい思い出。
Aggrey Kamomo
Aggrey Kamomo День назад
Mark Scarborough
Mark Scarborough День назад
Those are some cool wind powered cranes!
madfarmer912 dave
madfarmer912 dave 4 часа назад
Don't forget the wind powered foundries making the rebar and structure framing, concrete plants, and the facilities where there built.
northrockboy День назад
Wow so much Carbon displaced with all that equipment , concrete and steel.
Leon Wilcox
Leon Wilcox День назад
This is called FAKE OUTRAGE.
dipak bharali
dipak bharali День назад
What is the cost of the machine. How can I buy it.
Conscious Mind
Conscious Mind День назад
Amazing !
Praveen Mavoor
Praveen Mavoor День назад
ಸುಳ್ಯೆ ಮಕ್ಳು
Sai Raja
Sai Raja День назад
منوعات أحترف بنفسك
منوعات أحترف بنفسك День назад
واو فضيع ورائع
Sudipto Mondal
Sudipto Mondal День назад
Every bullet = Every Life... When our world are be criminal free?
susan couture
susan couture День назад
So why didn't they paint the blades black so the birds won't fly into them?
Anh Viet TV
Anh Viet TV День назад
Thật sự to lớn
Paula Siqueira
Paula Siqueira День назад
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Khaled Hello
Khaled Hello День назад
VDT День назад
Great video, I will never look at windmills (turbines) the same again. No matter what your opinions of them, they are engineering marvels.
SGT FRIDAY 5 часов назад
So incredible that insects cause imbalances that can destroy the gear train. People are so easily conned its almost makes humans not worth existing
Joseph Michel
Joseph Michel День назад
Diane cogitada Fernandes
Diane cogitada Fernandes День назад
Jorge Denopol PH
Jorge Denopol PH День назад
verry awesome😍😍😍
Lee Richards
Lee Richards День назад
I can't decide which is worse, 1. Some of the comments, 2. The idiotic music in the background,
ts ts
ts ts День назад
your mom satisfying??
Pasar Bekasi
Pasar Bekasi День назад
قناة القرآن الكريم
قناة القرآن الكريم День назад
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rajmani yadav
rajmani yadav 2 дня назад
Jai hind
Mori Mazak
Mori Mazak 2 дня назад
that;s sped up shit
Geoff Crowley
Geoff Crowley 2 дня назад
Great video. How did you measure the 99% response of shocked viewers?
LIBERTEELITE 2 дня назад
Et le jour où y faudra les demonter la dalle on l'enlève avec quoi une pioche ??
Ibrahima IB Conde
Ibrahima IB Conde 2 дня назад
PK 2 дня назад
It's a demon size.
nobody namedme
nobody namedme 2 дня назад
Wow look at all that waisted money
Sani Hussain
Sani Hussain 2 дня назад
Joseph Matarese
Joseph Matarese 2 дня назад
In 20 years or will be the biggest obsolete eye sore in the world. Watch videos about all the abandoned wind farms around the world.
uminari3 2 дня назад
Yausi Tamn
Yausi Tamn 2 дня назад
I think this is ecologically unaffordable and materially unaffordable, it's better to diversify it into a few smaller ones, construction should be done and designed in a way that everything done can be immediately reversible that's the neat way
G W 5 часов назад
Totally agree
andre luiz
andre luiz 2 дня назад
2:04 E assim nasceu a música eletrônica!!!🕺🏻💃
Thor 2 дня назад
To many damn adds!
Мастерская Customs motorcycle Tambov
Мастерская Customs motorcycle Tambov 2 дня назад
*отличный станок, нам бы такой* Мы на 675 работаем
wayne 2 дня назад
7 adds in 12 minutes!!! i lost the satisfaction along with the will to live lol sorry but that got a big thumbs down because of you tubes greed
キ龍 2 дня назад
vj project
vj project 2 дня назад
And porsche?
aydarus kahin
aydarus kahin 2 дня назад
Sell African and Arab people
Ino Koludrovic
Ino Koludrovic 2 дня назад
Could this possibly be enough Dakka? I think not.
D Bo
D Bo 2 дня назад
I always loved trains. The hypnotic sound was so cool. Chugga chugga over n over
VDMA LCMS 3 дня назад
Wind energy is incredibly inefficient and costly. Not to mention a eye sore on the landscape.
Silvester Schwarzenegger
Silvester Schwarzenegger День назад
But it is promoted by anti-nuclear activists.
Luiz Bezerra
Luiz Bezerra 3 дня назад
This looks like a candyshop to my eyes
Lennox Reid
Lennox Reid 3 дня назад
I hope one day all those guns will turn on u gunmakers and sellers